Red Army Long March Museum in Diqing

Diqing Red Army Museum

On August 24, 2023, I had the honor to visit the Red Army Long March Memorial Hall, as if I had witnessed the arduous Long March. Four crossing of Chishui, forced crossing of the Dadu River, flying over the Luding Bridge, and crossing the snow-capped mountains, showed the scenes of the year through oil paintings, which made me not only feel the Long March, but also the spirit of the Long March.



Through the visit, I clearly realized that the Long March of the Red Army was not only an outstanding military achievement, but also a movement with far-reaching influence. It ensured the survival and development of the entire Chinese communist movement. In a sense, the communist movement during the Red Army's long march was actually a "republic in migration". The hardship of the Long March exercised people's discipline and dedication. Mao Zedong, who was in a leading position, was able to turn the communist movement into a driving force for progress, and won a national victory 13 years later.



The spirit of the Long March is the highest embodiment of the soul of our party, the soul of the army and the soul of the nation. This spirit should be carried forward no matter how the years change and how the conditions change. Now our country has undergone earth-shaking changes, but after our ongoing cause of building socialism with Chinese characteristics, the Red Army's Long March was an unprecedented great cause. It also needs to carry forward the spirit of the Long March to overcome difficulties and obstacles. To build a harmonious socialist society, it is not only necessary to strengthen the construction of material civilization, but also to continuously strengthen the construction of spiritual civilization. Inheriting and carrying forward the spirit of the Red Army's Long March is an important content and effective measure to strengthen the construction of socialist spiritual civilization and build a socialist harmonious society.