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Catalyst for Acetophenone to Phenethyl Alcohol


1.Main Functions

The copper series catalyst produced by our company has various specifications, which can be used for hydrogenation of esters, aldehydes and ketones respectively. The conversion rate of phenylacetone hydrogenation was 100%, and the selectivity of acetophenone was more than 99%. The conversion rate of dimethyl adipate hydrogenation was 100%, and the selectivity of hexanediol was more than 98.5%. The conversion rate of butanol reaction was 100% and the butyl alcohol selectivity reached 98%. The catalyst shape is 5*5 cylinder; The copper content is 20% to 60%, the zinc content is 10-50%, and the content of micronutrients is 5%. The compressive strength (radial) of the catalyst was 110N/cm. The catalyst bulk density is 1.1-1.6g/cm3.



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Core Technices

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