Changzhou Petrochemical Engineering Technology Research Center

Relying on the company's existing equipment and resources, the company has applied for the construction of Changzhou High-tech Zone Engineering Technology Research Center and Changzhou Petrochemical Engineering Technology Research Center. Based on the company’s self-developed expertise, such as styrene technology, propylene oxide technology, methyl styrene, and p-xylene technology, it focuses on the development of major petrochemical fields such as dehydrogenation, hydrogenation, alkylation, and oxidation. Patented technology with independent intellectual property rights. The technology research center better integrates resources in the industry, such as catalysts for university research and small-scale test results, which can be transformed into engineering at the center, which can greatly shorten the technology conversion cycle and solve the technical needs of enterprises.


In addition, the company independently built a 3000m2 R&D building for the research of fluid mechanics cold mold/hot mold experiment. The design and test of the reactor were carried out in the newly built R&D building, and the fluid mechanics experiment of large reactors was also carried out on this research and development platform. test. Through the above-mentioned cooperation with major scientific research institutes and the R&D investment of our own enterprises, we have established a technological development process, and all links in the development process can be passed and related.



The cooperation of the units has greatly promoted the feasibility of our scientific research and development, and made the developed technology close to the actual work, which can promote the faster transformation of scientific and technological achievements.



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