1.1 million tons/year ABS project and design cooperation signing ceremony was successfully completed

On the afternoon of March 23, Keyuan Holding Group and Changzhou Ruihua Chemical Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Ruihua Technology"), Shandong Haicheng Petrochemical Engineering Design Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Haiceng Design"), Guangdong Zhenghe Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Guangdong Zhenghe") held a design cooperation signing ceremony and formally reached a design cooperation for the 1.1 million tons/year ABS project. Chairman Tao Chunfeng attended the signing ceremony and witnessed this important moment.

2021 China International Petrochemical and Downstream Industry Technology Conference and the 9th International Light Hydrocarbon Comprehensive Utilization Conference Wonderful Sharing

On the afternoon of March 17th, at the 2021 China International Petrochemical and Downstream Industry Technology Conference and the 9th International Light Hydrocarbon Comprehensive Utilization Conference established at the Biodegradable Materials Technology Forum, participating experts discussed the preparation, R&D, application and application of a variety of biodegradable materials. Wonderful sharing of industry development trends.

The 3rd Propylene Oxide Industry Chain Technology Development and Industry Development Forum was held in Changzhou

Wang Xiaoyun, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of China Chemical Industry News: This year is the closing year of the "13th Five-Year Plan", and the "14th Five-Year Plan" will soon be ushered in. At present, the petrochemical industry is in a critical period of transformation and upgrading. We believe that when discussing the development of the propylene oxide industry chain, we should focus more on the country's strategic considerations of vigorously promoting high-quality development and building a new pattern of "dual cycles". Propylene oxide is a petrochemical product that the state encourages the development of. With the acceleration of the localization of production processes and the acceleration of large-scale application, the industry's production capacity has expanded rapidly, and innovations have emerged one after another.

Helping the chemical industry to take the road of green development

my country is recognized as a major chemical country in the world. In 2015, the global output accounted for 36%. The production capacity of most chemical products has ranked first in the world. However, among the top 50 chemical companies in the world, only Sinopec is on the list, which inevitably gives people a sense of being big but not strong.

The economic operation of my country's petroleum and chemical industry is steadily improving

The 2017 China Petrochemical Industry Economic Operation Situation Press Conference hosted by the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association was held in Beijing. The conference reviewed and summarized the basic situation, main features and existing problems of the economic operation of the petrochemical industry in 2016, and put forward five key tasks for the petrochemical industry to achieve improvement in 2017.

The first chemical technology industry summit was held in Tianjin

Made in China has been accumulating over the years. Under the pressure of environmental protection, it has made great breakthroughs in improving quality and efficiency in recent years.
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