Core Technology

H beta molecular sieve protection catalyst

Hβ molecular sieve, as a solid acid catalyst with three-dimensional twelve-membered ring pore structure, has good acidity and thermal stability, and is widely used in alkylation reactions. In addition, the catalyst can effectively remove alkalinity from raw materials.

Ethanol dehydration/tert-butanol dehydration catalyst

Changzhou Ruihua's dehydration catalyst (RAO) has high specific surface area, surface acidity, high catalytic selectivity, excellent thermal stability, high mechanical strength, good particle size and other characteristics, can be used as a general dehydration catalyst.

Acetophenone/dimethyl adipate hydrogenation catalyst

Changzhou Ruihua's hydrogenation catalyst (KAH) has the characteristics of high conversion rate, good selectivity, high mechanical strength and long life, and can be used as a general hydrogenation catalyst.
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