First Chemical Technology Industry Summit Held in Tianjin

Made in China has been accumulating over the years, and under the pressure of environmental protection, it has made great breakthroughs in improving quality and efficiency in recent years. However, from the perspective of the global market, it is still in the third echelon, and it will take a long time to enter the first echelon. The key to this is talent and system." On January 20, at the first chemical science and technology industry summit, Chang Jiwen, deputy director of the Institute of resources and environmental policy of the development research center of the State Council, once again stressed the importance of talents for industrial development and the importance of system for the cultivation of innovative talents.
Chang Jiwen believes that scientific and technological innovation should play the role of market recognition, and science and technology should be market-oriented in order to be really conducive to innovation. "Government support is very important, but we should let a group of scientific and technological talents go to the market." He pointed out that the government's loose environmental policies are crucial to attracting talents, but the "visible hand" cannot be stretched too long, and market-oriented talent flow can create vitality.
It is understood that this conference was jointly organized by Chemical 707 and Tianjin Chenli Engineering Design Co., Ltd., and industry experts from many well-known companies such as Aliyun, Jingdong, Schneider, Emerson, Wally Parson, and Percent had technical sharing and communication.
In order to strengthen the exchange and cooperation between the chemical industry and the Internet, Zhao Jianxin, chairman of the chemical industry 707, and some experts on the spot set up a new technology industry service think tank team, aiming to strengthen the penetration of the Internet in the chemical industry and promote the development and progress of the chemical industry.