History is endless, and the spirit is passed down from generation to generation. In mid-April, we punched in the red landmark of Moganshan together and received the spiritual baptism of "immersion.
With reverence, he entered the Moganshan scenic spot, and the first stop came to Chairman Mao's place.


In the spring of 1954, when Chairman Mao Zedong presided over the drafting of the first constitution of New China in Hangzhou, he made a special trip to Moganshan and stayed at the Queen's Hotel (formerly known as Jiangzhuang). After the poem "Moganshan": turn over and return to the seven-person room, look back on the peaks and mountains into the vast sky. Forty-eight plates have only passed, and the wind has reached Qiantang again. This poem can be a glimpse of the vast landscape of Moganshan, the great man's spirit and Moganshan temperament set off each other.

Feeling closely the famous poems that Chairman Mao was here, not afraid of the hardship of the environment, and was attracted by the beautiful scenery of Moganshan. While we admire the talents of great men, we have a deeper understanding of the need to learn from the spirit of great men.

During his work in Zhejiang, President Xi Jinping also visited Moganshan many times to inspect and guide, and gave important instructions on the protection and development of Moganshan: first, we must deepen reforms, second, we must do a good job in planning, third, we must integrate resources, and fourth, we must enrich tourism activities. At the same time, he proposed in Huzhou that "green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains". Today, the beauty here is amazing to the world.


I also visited the former site of the Moganshan Conference, and I really felt an unprecedented "spiritual baptism"! After this trip to Moganshan, we must carry forward the revolutionary spirit, take great men as models, turn reverence into motivation, feel the gratitude of the party, and be a model of patriotism, dedication, law-abiding management, entrepreneurship and innovation, and return to society. Listen to the party's words and follow the party, based on the new development stage, implement the new development concept, participate in the construction of a new development pattern, and make more contributions to the promotion of high-quality development of "strong industrial areas and innovative leadership!