Core Technology


In China, the performance of ethylbenzene/styrene industry covers East China and North China, with more than 10 sets of devices in operation and projects under construction. The maximum production capacity reaches 350000 tons/year (in terms of styrene), and the design capacity can reach 600000 tons/year. It is the only Chinese patent dealer for the design of the largest capacity ethylbenzene/styrene plant.

H beta molecular sieve protection catalyst

Hβ molecular sieve, as a solid acid catalyst with three-dimensional twelve-membered ring pore structure, has good acidity and thermal stability, and is widely used in alkylation reactions. In addition, the catalyst can effectively remove alkalinity from raw materials.

Multiple device internal parts

Since its establishment 7 years ago, our company has provided various types of chemical plants with multi-patented internal parts and pipeline mixers, nozzles, distributors, mixers, etc. to ensure the mixing effect of reaction logistics and ensure the reaction effect.

Key equipment for p-xylene crystallization process

The process of crystallization separation of p-xylene is still in use now is an older process, before the emergence of adsorption separation technology, crystallization separation of p-xylene is the only technology of p-xylene refining.

Manufacturing Technology of Double Tube Plate Heat Exchanger

Double tube plate is a common structure in heat exchanger in recent years. In order to avoid the mixing of the two media in the tube side and the shell side to scrap the material or cause a major accident, the double tube plate structure is generally used.

Design and Development of SMPO Wastewater Three-effect Evaporator

The wastewater produced in the SMPO production process is extremely difficult to treat due to its high temperature, high alkalinity and high chemical oxygen demand, resulting in the survival of biochemical treatment strains. However, biochemical methods are currently used to treat SMPO wastewater in China. In view of the salt-containing industrial wastewater from SMPO plant, Ruikai Chemical has developed a more concise multi-effect evaporation treatment equipment. The wastewater from styrene/propylene oxide cogeneration plant is concentrated by evaporation technology. The concentrated high salt-containing wastewater is incinerated, while the distilled water from salt removal is sent to biochemical treatment, which solves the problem that salt-containing wastewater cannot be biochemically treated. This set of equipment can not only reduce the cost of SMPO wastewater treatment, but also save land, which is very valuable for chemical plants or other devices.

Manufacture of key equipment for propylene oxide/styrene co-production technology

Propylene oxide is the third largest propylene derivative after polypropylene and acrylonitrile. It is mainly used in the production of polyether, propylene glycol, etc. Its derivatives are widely used in automobile, construction, food, tobacco, medicine and cosmetics industries. Nearly 100 kinds of downstream products have been produced, which are important raw materials for fine chemical products.

Maleic Anhydride Production Technology Key Equipment Manufacturing

Maleic anhydride is one of the world's three major anhydride raw materials (acetic anhydride, maleic anhydride, phthalic anhydride), and its downstream products have a wide range of development and application prospects, can be used in synthetic resins, coatings, pesticides, lubricating oil additives, pharmaceuticals, paper treatment agents, food additives, stabilizers and so on.
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